December 22, 2006

about the project: The photolog was started several years ago with other bloggers to capture our days. Are we that different? Are we similar?
about me: I am Jenn. A 24 year old living in San Francisco, working as a designer. I still wake up "late" and sleep "late".

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9:36 am
9:36 am Waking up. These sheets at 30% bamboo! Better for the environment, the package suggests. I love finally having a full sized bed.

9:36 am

9:36 am somewhat messy desk. All books, papers all over the place, a borrowed firewire external cd drive and an uncomfortable stool. You can see my dirty laundry to the left. I love my green shirt from Papaya!

9:43 am

9:43 am Talking to cheez (on adium) about our DG (daily grind aka photolog). The nearly requisite photo of every photolog - [1] [2] [3] [4]

10:21 am

10:21 am I cramp my hand writing xmas card, but I am happy when I am done. I really didn't mean to write that much, but it turned out that way. And whoops, I guess the resolution is clear enough to read what I wrote...and you can see my address!

10:33 am

10:33 am Finally dressed and washed up. Ok, now my day can finally begin.

10:44 am

10:44 am Cleaning up after my brunch. It's steaming! Also, at this point, my mom calls me to tell me that dinner has to be rescheduled since my sister isn't going to get back in time from Tahoe. I tell her that I'll come back to the East Bay Saturday. Suddenly my day is free!

10:53 am

10:53 am Before this, I call Chris and tell him my change of plans. Then I sit down at our brand new dining table to eat my brunch. French toast and cubed apples. Along with orange juice in my pessimist's mug.

11:58 am

11:58 am Heading out. No it's not freezing outside, but I wear a beanie.

12:07 pm

12:07 pm Hello Messy Room! Cheez's drawing is on the right.

12:53 pm

12:53 pm A close-up of my fantastic $20 handmade wreath. A few weeks ago I had been walking in Castro and walked past a craft sale. It's hanging at the top of our staircase now.

1:03 pm

1:03 pm Waiting at the post office to send out a package to Joe, encountering the xmas rush.

1:15 pm

1:15 pm Murals in the Mission. Always one every corner. The rich neighborhood. So great to live in this neighborhood.

1:19 pm

1:19 pm Construction of the Mission campus of the city college near my apartment. Fortunately, I never hear it. This is what I see on my way to work every day. The mere 6 blocks.

1:20 pm

1:20 pm No name restaurant. Lots of weird things outside and it always seems that there's some intimate party going on inside. I always call it that no name bar/restaurant since there's no sign outside except the one that says good food and good friends. But I finally looked it up at yelp, it's the Radio Habana Social Club.

1:30 pm

1:30 pm Somehow right as I was crossing the street, I spotted this BMW drive up. Big coincidence. Didn't even call. He found a spot almost immediately in the all day parking up on Liberty street.

2:52 pm
2:52 pm The view from my desk in my office. Amazing view of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. I'll probably never have something this ever again. Sadly, we're moving to Soma soon. Just a view of the street perhaps.

5:40 pm

5:40 pm A few hours pass. Basically, I get hungry around 4:30 pm and demand that we eat. We go to Farolito. I am so much happier after my massive plate of carne asada while he makes a mess of a grande burrito. Ew...soupy.

10:36 pm

10:36 pm Not a surprise, but I get hungry again. And off we head up to North Beach to satisfy my need of a sugar fix.

11:29 pm

11:29 pm At Stella's on Columbus. Hello wittle cheesecake. cute. Look at its fat lard spilling out...I have been dreaming of you for a very long time. It doesn't know that it's going to be stabbed and gobbled to death in a few minutes.

11:29 pm

11:20 pm Ooooo, cheesecake's cousin--the tiramasu. Hellooo! The thing I don't like about you is the cocoa powder that makes me choke every time I take a bite. But this time I restrain myself, because I am letting someone else have the glory. Chomp!

11:29 pm

11:29 pm Truly, a fine evening.