November 14, 2002

Shortly after midnight, talking to CHEEZ. Somehow we kept talking until 2:30 am. OMG

Twenty minutes before my class at 11 am. YAWN.

Walking to class. At night, this grove is as creepy as those in BUFFY.

Me and my friend Hien in class. I was too freaked out to take a picture of class, especially since the professor has the tendency to SELECT people. Of course, it doesn't look like I am SCARED.

That's a paper mache chain saw. People are doing a dance on the steps of Sproul Hall, the horrid administrative building on campus. It's because they can't find a better impromptu stage. Usually most protests on campus are held around this area.

That guy went up to me to ask for money for some charity, but I couldn't understand his English. It was really weird because he had an unblinking stare, but because I was in a odd mood, I kept pressuring him and toyed with the entire idea. Then I felt guilty and gave $1 in COINS. Then I realized I had to take a I ran around chasing him for about two minutes. There he is running away from me.

My lunch! Spaghetti! And fun with the computer!

Intersection near my apartment where construction has been going on for the last several months. They finished building the new dining commons, but now they decided to do some more construction on the nearby units. What does this mean? Less sleep in the morning!

It's Aaron. :D He playfully kicked me after I took the picture. I usually pass by him on way to class. I showed him the picture later and he freaked out...he was like...OMG THAT MAKES ME LOOK SO SKINNY.

Hilgard Hall with the inscription that says, "TO RESCUE FOR HUMAN SOCIETY THE NATIVE VALUES OF RURAL LIFE".

A lampost on my way to work.

Preteee sunset from the hill I was walking up. The camera didn't catch the entire scene that clearly...but you can see the bay from there. And even Golden Gate Bridge!

Fellow coworker, GODLIKE SHINELUN. He was assigned the task of putting up the silly Thanksgiving decorations all over the computing center. Look at that turkey! I just laughed in amusement as he had to do the grunt work.

Mike (a fellow RCC) and his laptop! He's the only white guy in our unit! HE IS WATCHING ANIME RIGHT NOW. And you can see the computer that I usually sit at during my office hours!

Kevin, a computing assistant, grabbing for something? The computing center's theme this year is CARS. And that's why it's called the FOOTHILL GARAGE. I personally don't like it.

Eating my late dinner a little past 10 pm. Yes, my desk is a mess.

Shower time! That shower curtain was only 99 cents purchased by my roommate from the 99 cent store. PINK DOLPHINS. :p Our mirror is streaky as you can see.

Niteee time. Nite, messy room. Nite, computer! NITE, PANDA!