December 3, 2004

about the girl: I am Jenn.
A 22 year old in the MHci program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.


other photologgers: Phona

10:53 am Class at 11:30 am. So I wake up. My clock is ten minutes fast because there was a recent blackout and I have been too lazy to change the minute time. After a long night (of doing nothing?), I am slightly relieved that I don't have a 10 am meeting. Yes I have yet another twin bed in Pittsburgh.

11:04 am Messy desk. Checking e-mail. Sort of wasting time making me late for class. My housemate is using the bathroom, so I am sort of waiting for my turn. My contacts, soap, toothbrush are in there and I refuse to use the two other bathrooms in the house for my morning ritual.

11:14 am A shot of the townhouse where I live. My room is on the third and top floor of the house.

11:14 am I rush to the bus stop (located behind that barbic pole), because I am afraid a bus would arrive before I get there (which has happened one too many times). The bus stop is actually just 10 seconds from the house.

11:26 am NSH. Newell Simon Hall. It's connected to Wean Hall (where my "office"/lounge) is located. I don't ever have to come out to see the sunlight!

11:28 am I quickly pull out my laptop to print my drafts for my Communication Design Fundamentals class. Here are the mailboxes of the HCI students. I have to share mine with the middle of the alphabet.

12:17 pm I go to my stat lab and afterwards I head to the CFA (college of fine arts) and listen (beause I am stuck behind the doors) to the Holiday concert. This is a shot of me holding my camera way above my head. It was really good, but standing room mostly.

12:39 pm I head to office hours for my design class. My instructor gives me good feedback. The building where design is located is so nice. Here is a shot of the stairwell, where the walls are imprinted with inspirational inscriptions of education.

12:42 pm To the trucks. The "equivalent" of Berkeley's asian ghetto. Food sucks, but oh well. I get a nice meal from the Thai truck and head off to the UC (university center).

12:55 pm And finally some time to relax. I pick a spot overlooking the swimming pool in a small isolated corner surrounded by fake trees. Of course, I pull out my laptop and I start chomping.

2:15 pm I get a phone call from a very good friend! Who I haven't heard from for awhile. I should be smiling but I was trying not to look stupid while other people milled around me in the room.

2:31 pm And now it's time to head back to the office. Looks like a brillant day, but I have a lot of work and meetings to attend. You can see the horribly colored fence in the background.

3:58 pm The last of the sun I'll see today.

2:47 pm In the Apple Orchard (such a great name), scanning some "artifacts" (some paper mockups for our project) for my lab group's presentation on Monday.

3:15 pm The hypocrisy of this room. Right outside the Apple Orchard is a sign that says no food or drink. But then there's a vending machine right next to it. So you can't drink in the library, but you can't drink in the apple Orchard. So where are you supposed to drink then???

3:17 pm Ok, I lied. I see the sun again as I move from the Hunt Library back to Wean Hall. In the background, you can see the Cathedral of Learning from University of Pittsburgh. It was in Batman...the setting of Gotham City.

3:20 pm And into the dungeon I go. Someone has written Then you will finally get some sleep! Sleep? What is that word?!

3:22 pm And now in the office. Look at all the pretty lights. I love the ambience that our lamps (and xmas lights) create in our "cave". And Mr. D who apparently loves my camera.

3:42 pm Our meeting was supposed to start at 5 pm, but we head to a group member's Privacy poster session. Free food. I can't turn it down and neither can anyone else. Cookies. Cookies shaped like snowmen. Thumbprint cookies. Cookies doused in powdered sugar. Two gigantic plates of fruits. And this great-tasting carbonated punch that seemed like it was spiked.
Lots of great posters. There was some guy's poster that highlighted privacy risks in web photo albums. It seemed somewhat naive and paranoid. I talked to a guy that highlighted privacy risks in webmail such as in gmail. He wore a t-shirt that said i read your e-mail. My group member's poster was one of the best, however. Due to our design skillz of course.

4:32 pm We head back to the cave. Someone sort of falls asleep on the couch. Still not being productive yet. We hear about something happening at the

4:55 pm We head back to the NSH atrium where the privacy poster session is still going on. Alex and I are assigned a mission of whether there is a GSA (graduate student assembly) happy hour going on at the UC. He stops by the roboreceptionist to ask where Bonnie (our professor) is located. Valerie the receptionist rotates her head and gives detailed directions and we get the lost.

5:03 pm Someone gave us incorrect information and all we find at the UC are kids. We see some chorus signing holiday songs. There are cookies and cider. We get some food.

7:48 pm Our meeting starts afterwards. About two hours later, we decide to take a break and go to Baja Fresh. It's about a 15 minute walk, but I go anyway. I have a habit of walking behind other people...

8:49 pm PBs only. And we work on our 20 page redesign report some more...

9:04 pm Braden and Adi point out some palm redesign ideas on the whiteboard.

10:39 pm At this point, I think I am going to miss out on the party I was invited to. Still working hard. At this point, we are going to split up the work... Our table is so cluttered...

11:24 pm I guess not! I mention the party to my group and Braden says, "You should go!" I call my housemate and suddenly my entire group decides to go. And we arrive in time for the birthday girl's cake.

3:22 am Zoom ahead several hours later and I am now in my room again. I decided to leave the party early. Not exactly my crowd (and I didn't even know the birthday girl) since I was invited by a secondary person. On my wall, you can see the posters I created for my design class as well as some rescomp CARTOONS drawn by ALEX SHEN of Berkeley.

3:57 am Ok, it got late again. A great Friday of doing too much! Exhausted. Good night!