August 1, 2004

about the girl: I am Jenn.
A 22 year old about to attend Carnegie Mellon University. Photolog for Lele's birthday!!!


other photologgers:

11:42 am Shroom is coming by noon. I MUST wake up! There you can see my new visa card from PNC bank and the Windows XP baseball from Carise. :)

11:59 am Impressed with myself. I am ready to go in about 15 minutes. Contacts on. Necklace on. Clothes on! Hair straightened...sort of. 10-4.

11:59 am You can tell that my parents don't really care what Shroom thinks of our house since the sheets are still covering the couches.

1:14 pm Flash forward an hour later and now we're finishing our lunch in downtown Walnut Creek. I treat Shroom. I just have to get the dessert which has a nice shot of Espresso. As you can see, Shroom can't take the caffeine. Weakling!

1:15 pm Hey look, it's the both of us! Hi me! Hi Shroomy! They seated us near the kitchen. :p

1:39 pm We ate at Tomatina if you didn't know. Supposedly every year in some city in Spain, everyone throws tomatoes at each other and that's how the restaurant got its name. But I thought this kind of food was Italian?

2:28 pm Shroom and I walk past the famed Mel's. My first time there was when I met my prom date. I remember when the bill came, he didn't even look at it but kept on munching on his expensive teriyaki mushroom burger. Out of politeness, I said that I got the bill and paid for it. ah...memories.

2:46 pm I suddenly decide that I need to buy SUNGLASSES now now now. So up we go through Nordstroms riding the elevator with the piano music in the background.

3:01 pm I try on a hat that reminds me of Chris' Definitely not my style, but it seems like a hat that would do well in Pittsburgh winters.

3:09 pm And oddly enough, Chris sends me a txt msg while I am trying ton sunglasses. Speak of the devil. I don't know who is talking about. And my first thought was "HE JUST MADE ME LOSE 10 CENTS!"

3:21 pm And this is Broadway Plaza. Shroom and I take different perspectives of the outside mall!

3:27 pm A black Integra. It's manual transmission. At least it's not red or else I would refuse to ride in it.

3:58 pm I'll just like to say that I got Shroom lost in Walnut Creek.

4:01 pm We go to Officemax but they don't have what I want, so we leave. Apparently, I get Shroom lost again when we go into the maze that is the Walnut Creek Bart station.

5:04 pm Shroom and I watch the first episode of 24 season 1 again. I love the way my "entertainment system" is set up. My laptop plugged into the tv. The dell speakers I got from work...yeah. :)

5:32 pm Look we call Lele! HAPPY 22nd BURFDAY!

5:34 pm Shroom keeps taking pictures of me! :p

6:13 pm Now bumming on my computer. Hello Karen!

8:33 pm Taking pictures of my futon. I am having a lot of trouble selling it because it's not a typical futon. I was tricked!!!

10:14 pm Hello I whimper and huddle in the corner for awhile in my sister's room. I decided it was too idiotic to take a picture of me moping in the corner...

2:58 am And now finally after some personal "drama", I finally sleep. Good night room!