May 18, 2004

about the girl: I am Jenn.
A 21 year old attending UC Berkeley (22 soon, May 22nd!). I would like to say that I was one of the first photologgers!

other photologgers: Lele

11:12 am I wake up around 10:30 am, because my mom calls. Usually what happens is that she calls my landline first, then when I don't answer (because I didn't want to get up from my bed) she calls my cellphone which I always pick up. So there is my messy room, my parents are coming to pick up my futon and my special screen.

12:09 pm My parents were being annoying, but I get my stuff moved out. It looks cleaner, but it really isn't. I dump all the clothes sitting on my futon on the floor.

12:49 pm I get annoyed at my my mess and clean up stuff. I dump the Berkeley catalog and some weird stuff in the paper recycling downstairs in the garage.

1:29 pm I spend the next few hours AIMlessly chatting. Here, I am talking to Rekuytn about future paths (since he recently got kicked out of his house for being gay--how sad) I try to get myself to write thank you cards, but OH SO SLOW. Instead, I make a phone call to UGIS to arrange for seating for my grandmother since she can't climb up the steps of Greek Theatre for my commencement Friday.

2:33 pm I leave to run useless errands. by the way, I am late for studying (I told Vanessa I would be at the CC by 1 pm, but I slacked). LOOK, I live at 2415 College Avenue #8 in Berkeley. But WHAT, I am moving out this Saturday. I am sorry you can't stalk me.

2:49 pm I go to Zellerbach and buy one more ticket to my commencement. THREE DOLLAHS just for a ticket. How annoying. While waiting to get one, some enthusiastic MCB girl major gets to talking to me and complains how everyone in MCB is scalping tickets. Too bad the UGIS ceremony isn't that popular!

2:59 pm I go to Washington Mutual because I am convinced that I have to deposit my $100 bill and a check. I go to the ATM and make a fool out of myself as I struggle with the deposit envelope.

3:04 pm I get on the perimeter shuttle to go to Northside. I call lele, but she's NOT THERE. Her voicemailbox is full by the way. You can see a sign that says "FOR ALL THINGS CAL" in the background.

3:17 pm I am so late, but I go to the graduate student (who I am doing research with) office in Soda Hall. He's not there, so I slip my card and commencement ticket under the door. Hopefully, he gets it. There's a stone mouse on the door by the way.

3:19 pm For some reason, I decide I want to take the photolog to the sixth floor of soda just to look at my favorite artpiece. It's a towle...with painted hands. It's hard to see from far away, but it's so cool.

3:20 pm I go to the bottom floor of Soda and come across this bulletin board. Some nice ad for a sublet targets a true computer science person who lives in Soda!

3:27 pm There was a Thomas Kemper truck on the street earlier, but I am too wimmpy to go up to them and ask for the obligated free soda. Instead, I go to Hummingbird Cafe and buy $2.95 homemade lemonade (WITH TOO MUCH ICE).

3:29 pm Passing by a house on the way to the computing center: IRAQ: OPEN FOR BUSINESS Obviously, there are many liberal types in Berkeley.

4:42 pm I study for the next few hours with Vanessa at the computing center for tomorrow's final Of course, I am distracted because I have my laptop with me and a highspeed internet connection. I spend the majority of time downloading on DC++ (I know, the irony).

6:58 pm A shot of the unfinished rescomp bulletin board. I was the one who took the pictures and wrote up the profiles. There's no picture of me, because I was too lazy. The theme is that everyone is one of the seven dwarfs. I am Grumpy.

7:04 pm Each of the RCCs have their own toolboxes. But everything we had in there (a flashlight, two AA batteries, pen, pad of paper, post-its, ethernet cable, screwdriver, boot cd, system cd) usually disappears at the end of the year. Mine only has paper, a flashlight and batteries.

7:36 pm I am forced to deliver the minihub bags, so I do it. I walk all over La Loma (one of the residences). When I first came to Foothil as a freshman, I thought it really looked like a lodge like the ones in Lake Tahoe.

7:38 pm A poster I see while walking around La Loma. College students are STRANGE...sometimes.

7:42 pm One of those warning posters in Stern Hall. I have a belief that girls in Stern Hall (the only all-female dorm in Berkeley) are frightened unnecessarily. Although this one is well warranted, I remember last year when the security coordinator was being all girly and said, "i don't want you to get hurt in Berkeley." Personally, it's not as dangerous as most people make it to be. People just have to be aware of their surroundings!

7:47 pm As I walk through the dorm, I come across one of these balconies. This one doesn't have a view of the Golden Gate, but a pretty nice view pass the Campanlie...and...uh...Oakland.

8:01 pm LOOK, a kid's toy outside Haas School of Business (where I take my daily shortcut) NO NO NO!

10:36 pm I idle for a long time and eat won ton for the rest of the night. I eat all the frozen won ton I had in the freezer, probably increasing my cholesterol for years to come.

10:51 pm I talk with Vanessa online about tomorrow's final and play with adium. OY.

3:22 am Ugh HOW DID IT GET SO LATE. I sleep, ready for final! :D