November 14, 2003

about the girl: I am Jenn.
A 21 year old attending UC Berkeley.

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10:47 am Somehow I am not able to sleep at all. I wake up around 9 am although I went to sleep almost at 4. And the first thing I do! GO ON MY COMPUTER, check my blog and go on aim! I am supposed to go on a trip to the Job Consortium for my User Interfaces class, but a group member ims me and tells me it is cancelled. GAH. Now we have to do it on Monday! I spend some time contacting the other members of my group to tell them it's cancelled.

1:12 pm A view from my balcony! You see my MOPS! I spend the next few hours...doing nothing. Trying to read my homework. Check my e-mail. Uh how did time pass by so quickly? I decide that it's time for me to go outside. Then I realize it's raining!

1:20 pm There is Cheez' sketch! And Tanner's sketch of me on my pseudo-futon! This probably will be only Cheez' appearance in my blog since he was AWAY the entire day!

1:37 pm I look in my fridge and find nothing except a frozen pizza. I decide to go out for lunch and head to Durant Avenue, which is a few blocks from my apartment. I find myself at Eat a Pita and get a chicken pita! Unfortunately it's not the special of the day so I have to pay $5.12 for THIS THING. Lots of chicken though. I don't like the pita today and shred it apart.

1:53 pm At Bancroft/Telegraph. It's raining and I have a broken umbellra. Did you think that California was hot all year-round? I think not!

1:55 pm Going through Sproul Plaza. It's deserted except for the people from the Rally Committee. We are having our Big Game (football game between BERKELEY AND STANFURD) next week! Some Rally people are setting up stuff at the gate, which that person in front of me is blocking the view. You can see my broken umbellra. :)

2:46 pm Went to my TA's office hours to get help on the homework due on Tuesday. Unfortunately I don't learn anything! There is he is standing...trying to explain. I am leaving (early), because I have to go to work.

3:04 pm At work. I really dislike this part of my job. This year, they implemented the Helpdesk office hours. Basically, we have to sit at the helpdesk phone and answer calls. I find it very un-entertaining. I spend the majority of the time fixing my website. I keep myself away from gaim because last time it ruined the order of my buddy list. :p

7:27 pm Jump a few hours. My dad picks me up from my apartment and we go home. Despite the fact that I have a lot of work to do this weekend, I decide to go home. The last few nights, I haven't been sleeping well (always waking up too early!) so I go home to get a good night's rest. Evidently, I also go home to watch TV (no TV in my apartment). I spend a good portion of my evening watching HBO.

10:05 pm OKAY now my usual internet ritual.

11:10 pm Lele's PROTAGONIST JOURNAL is on my desk. HI LELE'S JORUNAL!

11:11 pm I don't know if Lele is going to kill me for showing this, but this is my favorite page of the journal. Full of sweetness and *gasp* sexuality! HI CONDOM!

12:16 am Nothing online that is interesting, so I decide to sleep. No that is not my childhood bed, but those are my childhood stuffed animals! Despite not living at home, my desk is still so messy!

12:45 am But we all know a day is not complete if I don't speak to Tanner!