October 2, 2003

about the girl: I am Jenn.
A 21 year old attending UC Berkeley.

other photologgers: Lele

10:40 am I have to work at 11. And I set my alarm at 10:30 am, but I can't really open my eyes until 10 minutes later. My room is messy. Yes I know!

11:56 am I run all the way to the dorms (a 12 minute walk) and do work. Exhausted from fixing a compromised computer and a computer that went over bandwidth, I walk back and am relived to see this pink and purple thing. MAE. She just came from Tennis and didn't want her picture taken. After I took it, she tried to swat me with the tennis racket. But I ran away. Fast.

12:12 pm My sink is messy! Look there's my pan from last night when I heated up fried rice. I am soaking it water...for two days! class in 15 minutes!

12:13 pm Checking myself in the mirror. I have a chicken sandwich in my hand. But the only reason I came all the way from campus back to my apartment just to spend only 10 minutes here was just to get my neckalace. YEAH.

12:25 pm In front of Sproul Hall. It's homecoming week. Notice how most students are apathetic and keep walking without even paying attention to the speaker (the guy in blue). I think the speaker was talking about politics. Yeah. Like most students, I don't care enough.

12:30 pm Walking through all the tables. People kept walking in front of me and I couldn't get the shot I want. My coworkers are out there flyering (aka bothering people) for an internship my work is sponsoring. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Flyering here is usually seen as an inferior job. Unfortunately, my coworkers noticed me and tried to get me to flyer with them. Um. no!

12:32 pm A protest. It's quite common in Berkeley. Today, some people are protesting about apartheid. They were acting out the entire situation. See the guy with the gun. And the people who are chained? They were blocking my way through Sather gate. Other people were holding signs that said "NO BLACKS ALLOWED"

12:40 pm am I feel like an idiot. I buy orange-carrot juice and bring it to me to class. Then once I put it down, I promptly knock it over. There's some of its remains. My friend called it puke. I leave it there for a quarter of the class until it drives me crazy and I go get towels to clean it up.

12:41 pm cs 188. Artifcial Intelligence. This lecture hall looks bigger than it looks. About 200+ people and I am sitting in the last row way in the back. Professor Wilensky! The guy in gray I used to know two years ago. Except he's a turd.

1:35 pm Seth. Falls asleep. Isn't that cute? No, not really. He has that terrorist look going again.

1:55 pm Class magically ends early. I learned nothing. I am going to meet a graduate student for research. There's old people on campus. Watch for trucks...please!

2:11 pm I get to Soda Hall (the Computer Science building) early and look at projects on the wall. The pictures here are final projects from CS 184 (graphic design). Very nice. Students created bathrooms completely on the computer using programming techniques. It's impressive.

2:36 pm I am tired of walking...and so I take the bus just so that I can skip a 10 minute walk! In four stops I signal STOP REQUESTED!

2:45 pm Look at my snaking cords! :D There's the phone, the router, and the dsl modem!

2:54 pm I basically do nothing for the next few hours. My desktop is turning on and I am cranking away on my laptop.

5:18 pm Uh I was supposed to send this (the protag journal) awhile ago...

5:35 pm Did I mention that STANFURD SUX0rs?! yeah! That house is the fraternity where a scene in the movie The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman) takes place.

6:36 pm I finish interviewing Cat's friends Lucinda and Jenn for my research. And I stop to look at the sun setting over the bay at the top of the hill. I didn't know there were palm trees in NorCal. Evidently there are.

8:06 pm I go to a meeting for Sigma Alpha Lambda (honors society, not a frat or a sorority!). When I get there, I run into Salpi (the resident who was paranoid about the computer etc etc). she rants about being "big". It's sort of annoying. But it's okay because she makes life oh so much interesting. she enters the meeting room and promptly writes something on the board. Proposition 54? Funny that everyone else in Berkeley says No on 54.

8:07 pm The meeting is ending. There's Mae, Xing and Gina offering me bagels. No thanks!

8:08 pm The last real phone booths! And one phone is missing!

10:21 pm I go back to the dorms to finish an appointment. It takes me 2 hours to remove the trojan (programmers of trojans are getting smarter every day). Then finally I am done. Viruscan takes almost an hour. Fortunately, the resident feeds me. :D Soda and cake. A good dinner!

10:56 pm The requisite call to Tanner!

12:12 am THE REQUIRED Iming to CHEEZ on my lappytop using trillian. If you can't read he was saying, "I forget I had 125 pages of workbook due tomorrow. So guess what Im doing.

2:19 am Time to sleep after...IDLING UNTIL THIS LATE. BLAH. NITE.