September 13, 2003

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8:02 am Ugh, wake up early ON A SATURDAY MORNING. I saunter downstairs where my mom has made me a milkshake using fresh watermelon. <3 mommy!

8:03 am My sister still in her nightgown (somehow she put her contacts on really fast) is not that awake either.

8:07 am I am ready. Tired and stuff.

9:37 am At the food bank. The guy in orange is Xing's friend that she made online @ Friendster!

9:38 am We're labeling unmarked Del Monte peaches.

9:47 am more cans!

11:10 am Taking a break!

11:11 am My flip flops. I guess I was supposed to have worn sneakers.

11:57 am The blue integra on the left outside my apartment in Berkeley. My camera was running out of battery power!

4:34 pm Exhausted. I spend the next few hours eating and sleeping. That is where I spend the majority of the time as a lump. Plus I had lost my camera and found it again.

4:34 pm My sister downstairs in the family room looking at the movie listings.

4:46 pm The sun is too bright!!!

5:25 pm A bobblehead baby that I had gotten my mom for her birthday a few years ago. My dad probably thought it was cute to adorn it with an Uncle Sam hat.

5:37 pm And we're off! As the sun sets...

6:25 pm I stand in Best Buy deliberating over big screen tvs. Just like Cheez does in Sears! This is where my sister (dressed as if she was out for night on the town with a hot date but unfortunately it was only me) and I are attacked by eager salesmen. Never had I gotten such "good" service . One guy ran up to my sister while she was glancing at strange-looking speakers while I had been walking 20 feet ahead of her. He said, "Excuse me excuse me!" until he got her attention. Then he asked, "Do you need any help?"

6:56 pm The theater as seen from the top of the Integra.

7:07 pm We get free hot dog and slurpee compliments of the theater's recent grand opening. Now waiting for Matchstick Men to start.

9:41 pm Movie was good! I check my cellphone messages. A total of two! One from my dad and from awww...the godlike SHINELUN (who has forgotten to call me lately). Now done with, we head home and sleep (of course mess around on the computer first)!