May 28, 2003

about the girl: I am Jenn. A 20 year old attending UC Berkeley. More STALKERISH INFO available at THE BLOG

other photologgers: Andrea Lauryn Zelda Stacee Lele

Scavenger hunt. My last attempt at a hunt results in a small collection of photos (scroll down to jenn!).

1) Round object
2) An eye
3) Bold writing
4) A flag
5) a uniquely colored car (something pink, bright purple, etc)
6) a police officer
7) garden related statue/figure
8) something in the sky
9) something noisy
10) someone kissing!
11) a sign of love
12) something silver
13) something you want
14) something you are eating
15) something dirty
16) something that makes you happy
17) a sign/phrase/word/slogan (etc) written in a non-english language
18) Something that is broken
19) An old toy
20) Something that brings back memories
21) Sports-related
22) Animal
23) A liquid
24) Street sign

A ROUND THINGIE a russian little doll I got in Alaska for a LOW price. my dad put on barbie goggles. it sits on my monitor usally. now it's preparing to take a dive off my printer.

EYES my first teddy bear! it came from this photo


flag A FLAG. Not quite sure where I originally got this.

uniquely colored car wELL THIS WAS FROM last week, but it was after my birthday bash. AND BROKEN CAR. MUST TAKE PHOTO WITH MASKING TAPE!

NO - a police officer - garden related statue/figure - something in the sky

something noisy I live next to a community pool. And it's always noisy. whether it be adults yapping during the daytime or teenagers illegally sneaking in late at night to skinnydip.

someone kissing/sign of love Lulu and Ken. <3! :D I didn't see them kiss, but who knows what could be happening behind my back! ;)

something silver A CAR I GOT FROM ALEX FOR MY 21ST BIRTHDAY. it's the first car I have ever received (aside from the buggy that I got from my sister for my 16th) A CAR. SOBBY. FOR MY BIRTHDAY. it's a zip zap nissan 350z!

something i want I WANT THIS DRESS TO FIT ME. Lulu got this dress for my birthday, but it doesn't fit me correctly. It only fits me from this shot. It looks frumpy and billowing otherwise.

something i am eating Yet another photo from a different day. A SMOOTHIE that I got at cheesecake factory! :D it costs somewhere around seven dollars!

something that makes me happy (couldn't find anything DIRTY but there's this) From my birthday (i violated once again!), when I got random ims from people wishing me happy birthday. It's the connection, it's the friendship I have these people that makes me happy.

foreign language SEARS. FOREIGN STUFF. how do you pronouce it again?

broken/old toy The box of Lil Miss! Her clothes change color from blue to pink and pink to blue depending on the temperature. I left an orange next to her face for several months and her face kind of got YUCKY. broken!

memories my first diary. I didn't ever wanted to write in it...but I did. I got it as a gift in 1996 from my unperceptive aunt.

animal no sports. from a previous day, A DEER RIGHT NEAR WHERE I WORK. look at its EYEZ.

street sign no liquid. but a street sign that i found in front of a store. HEY XING!!!!