May 10, 2003

about the girl: I am Jenn. A 20 year old attending UC Berkeley. More STALKERISH INFO available at THE BLOG

other photologgers: Lele Lauryn Zelda

Also participating in the May Day project. Coincidentially, the May Day project is on the same day as the Photolog project sponsered by positively.cpnet forums and the-protagonist forums.

In sum: I woke up "early" and went to an orientation for my job. Then I went to a study group. My friend was supposed to call me after she went to the Jurassic 5 concert, but she didn't call and I didn't have reception on my cell to call back (plus laziness). I spent the rest of the evening working on my two papers due this week and wasting time.

9:47 am WELCOME TO MY MESSY (living) ROOM. Yes, I do live in the living room of a one-bedroom apartment. This is what happens when the rent is very high.

9:50 am FOLLOW THE BEAR PRINTS. To this day, I have yet to figure out why and how they got there. One day, the sidewalk was clean of any such thing then the next day these prints mysteriously appeared. MUST BE A BEAR WALKING!

9:51 am Construction at Unit 1, one of the Berkeley dorms. I live nearby and sometimes it's really loud. When I was a freshman, I considered these high-rises like the projects of the cities. Freshman year, yes I did live in a "high-class" dorm. ;)

9:51 am The office for where I work is on the third floor of this newly built building. I live right by here too! It has a view of the San Francisco Bay from the third floor!

12:05 pm I chickened out on taking photos during the orientation for Rescomp - my job. Yes, I was considerate of others. I was afraid I was going to scare away new hires with my flashy flash! Because I have so much stuff to do this week, I decided not to go to the picnic. But this photo is of the rest of the people walking through the infamous Telegraph Avenue. Note how everyone is a guy. (Okay, you probably can't see, but it is!) Yes, I am one of the two girls in the entire organization. GIRL POWER!

12:06 pm BoFA for Miiikeeeeee

12:08 pm Several people were accosting students at the another infamous intersection of Bancroft/Telegraph. That guy is trying to get us to buy a socialist newspaper. whoop dee doo. I shake my head and keep my hands in my pockets to avoid wasting money.

12:09 pm That's CBS right there. News crews were swarming over campus because the University had decided that they were barring students who studied abroad in SARS-infected countries from registering for classes. i was totally ignorant of the subject. A few minutes after this picture was taken Fox News which was scoping out about 1000 feet away approached me for an interview. Instinctively I knew I had to refuse because I would say something nasty about the world aka THE WORLD SHOULD DIE. That wouldn't be that great for my image.

2:48 pm Spent the next two hours in the Free Speech Movement cafe working with four others on a cognitive science paper. Yes, chickened out on taking pictures again. Took picture of the guy that inspired the creation of the cafe. FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT. THE SYMBOL OF BERKELEY.

2:48 pm A shot of the Cafe and the long line for FOOD!

2:57 pm This is where the Daily Cal is usually distributed. But that's not even the school newspaper! TAKE OUR SPACE, YOU TRAITORS!

3:33 pm My wall of posters! My Van Gogh's The Starry Night. Kingdom Hearts poster. Rules of Attraction poster. A girl poster. FRENCH CONNECTION POSTER. (yes, it says fcuk). Then the postcards I have received.

3:33 pm A closer look at my postcards!

5:58 pm My mommy made me food! :D My dad delivered it around 4 pm. MICROWAVE IT!

5:58 pm I spend the next few hours working on my paper. This is the start of my cog sci paper due on Tuesday.

5:46 pm OMG U AND I ARE NEXT TO EACH OTHER ON THE KEYBOARD. (yes, I know my keyboard is dirty)

10:29 pm My poor bamboo plant. I had three stalks in here previously, but I forgot to water it during winter break and two stalks died. Now here it is...lonely!

12:16 am Waiting for a phone call. My sister calls me twice. My friend does not. My friend was supposed to call me to go to a party, but it never happened, which in retrospect is good since I got my papers semi-done.

1:18 am My roommate has added a roll of toilet paper!!! I take off my contacts and shower.