April 10, 2003

another GREAT IDEA from the positively.cpnet forums

other photologgers: Shroom Lauryn Lele Ben Naim

It was a very long, busy day. STRESSFUL AND FRUSTRATING TO ADD TO THE MIX.

11:28 am Yes, this is when I woke up. Two minutes before my alarm went off. I spent the next few minutes shaking off my oh so tiredness.

11:43 am What to wear? To be stylish or NOT stylish? Hot or cold? I look outside and it's cloudy. I opted for the striped camisole to go under my sweater turtleneck. Good thing I did, because I didn't know that I would be walking around in Berkeley at 1:30 in the morning...

12:29 pm Jaywalking as usual. This is two blocks from my apartment. That huge building is some frat house where people like to sit on the couches on the front lawn. I have class at 12:30 pm. Late you say? HAH, class in berkeley always starts 10 after the hour. But of course, this is a 15 minute walk taking into account the plaza I would have to walk through later.

12:36 pm What did I tell you? Sproul Plaza is always crowded with people. and it's more insane this week because it's election time. Those signs in the background are not anti-war protestors but all the candidates who trying to get their gimmicks on with their radio and "food". Looks like I'll have to dodge in and out now to get to class. Apparently, I am already late...

12:40 pm I am officially late to class, but that's okay. It seems like there a lot of people still rushing into the lecture hall. This is Valley Life Sciences Building. This is where the movie Junior was filmed. And where the beginning credits of the show Two of a Kind was filmed. And this is also where I am very late!

1:56 pm Cognitive Science. Language. That's Professor Sweetser. I think she's originally from Minny Soda. It was very uneventful. I almost fell asleep.

2:01 pm I start out on the first floor aka A. Then I go to E. Then I walk around the corner and suddenly am on the second floor. This is the crazy building of Dwinelle Hall, folks.

3:05 pm Linguistics discussion. I impress the class with the ability to draw the structure of "the realtor wonders about whether Mary will buy the house". There is the GSI (graduate student instructor) in the bottom right corner. He's cool and he's helping us with our homework. Notice the flyers on the board. That's student election. SEX? hah, no it's just a gimmick!


3:15 pm HMMM, LONG WAY DOWN. I am wearing flip flops because my new sneakers gave my ankle blisters and thus my ankle SENSITIVE to any contact.

3:15 pm Remember my first photolog? And this this picture? Yup there's Aaron again. He screamed at me (like a girl) after I took the picture. "JENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!"

3:22 pm I work in the dorms. It's a long walk. Uphill.

3:27 pm There's shinelun AGAIN just like the first photolog and this picture. Oddly enough, he's looks a bit idiotic in this one... He's a computing assistant. I am a residential computing consultant.

4:12 pm James. A residential computing consultant. He's doing his office hours and eating his...pseudo-lunch? Korean bbq. D00D.

4:56 pm Before the task begins. This is my second appointment of the day. The first one I diagnosed a resident's laptop. Now this one, the resident complained that she could not reach her settings? Something like that. Little did I know that I would be entering two hours of terror.
terror != her computer terror == a demanding resident who was very very very stressed out. At least I am paid to do this.

5:46 pm I have to run to the other side of the dorms to help another resident. Passing by a house that is supposedly occupied by the cult called the Moonies. Not creepy looking, but still.

7:10 pm The sun is setting and I have just spent 2 hours with demanding resident. Relief. Next time, I am just going to insist that it's broken and that there's no way to fix a BROKEN OS. Your files gone? hey, you should have backed it up. No more being nice and spending time to erase many a floppy disks just so that I can sit at a dos prompt and type in all the very nice commands to COPY YOUR OH SO IMPORTANT FILES. BLARGH. NEVER AGAIN. I see Joyce along the way and that brightens up my mood...SOMEWHAT.

7:14 pm Soda Hall. I am about to spend the rest of my evening in the cs lab downstairs. If you look in the top right window, some guy used cdrs to create a lovely picture. Why is there a palm tree, I do not know.

8:54 pm I get too involved in installing tik on my cs account and I succeed. Here I am...in my triumph. Wasting time, not coding. Talking to alecky, my sister, naim, shroom, stacee, Mike (my coworker), and amy (my classmate)

12:33 am Zoom forward three hours later and I am still in the lab. I forgot to take pictures in between...because there wasn't much to take a picture of. I spent time whining to this guy next to me, who whined back. He left and April arrived. We're the only ones in the lab now. WOOHOO SUN SOLARISES!!!

12:34 am I 8 U I 8 U I 8 U. I am writing a model merge program. It's way too...inflated. BLARGH.

1:29 am I get back. Turn on my light and take a picture. That's how the outside of my "room" in the living room looks like. Messy? YEAH.

1:40 am I am amusing myself with some Cheez.

2:08 am Juicy fruit! I had ordered this months ago from alan on this. i chew several pieces out of anxiety and plop on my bed to sleep. NITE.